Road traffic rules in English

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Minimum age
The minimum driving age for most motor vehicles is 18. However,

  • mopeds (without a passenger) and speed-pedelecs (high-speed electric bikes) may be ridden from the age of 16;
  • category A motorcycles may be ridden from the age of 20, and
  • coach drivers and drivers of lorries weighing more than 7.5 tonnes must be at least 21 years old.

As well as being forbidden from using a phone while driving (see the chapter ‘Phone use while driving’), motorists must remain in control of their vehicle at all times. They must also be in a fit state to drive. For example, it is prohibited to drive wearing inappropriate footwear or while under the influence of medication that affects the ability to drive.

Anti-theft devices
If your vehicle has an anti-theft device (alarm, door-locking system, etc.), it must be used.

Stationary vehicles
It is prohibited to leave the engine running while a vehicle is stationary. Running the engine to warm up the inside of the vehicle or use the air conditioning is prohibited. Motorists may not press the accelerator while the vehicle is in neutral.

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