Road traffic rules in English

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Electric scooters, etc.

Vehicles such as electric scooters, segways, monowheels, powered wheelchairs, etc. all fall into one category and must adhere to the same rules.

Where are they permitted?
Users of these vehicles are regarded either as pedestrians or cyclists, depending on the speed at which they travel. If their speed exceeds walking pace (± 5 km/h), they must follow the same rules as cyclists. In that case, they may, for example, use cycle lanes or restricted one-way streets. If they travel at walking pace, the rules applying to them are often the same as the rules applying to pedestrians.

At night, it is obligatory to have two lights: a red rear light and a white front light.

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended.

The maximum speed limit for these vehicles is 25 km/h. The use of a vehicle capable of exceeding that limit is therefore prohibited.

It is prohibited to leave an electric scooter in an area where it is obstructing other road users, including pedestrians. If you are hiring a scooter, visit the website of the relevant town to check where you should leave the scooter at the end of the rental period. Parking is sometimes prohibited in certain neighbourhoods.

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